Saying “Goodbye” to Smoking, part 2


Earlier this month, we told you about the Freedom from Smoking program offered by the Shelby County Health Department and shared some Quit Day Goodbye letters to cigarettes from the class’ participants. Here are a few more letters – two in the form of poetry – from participants in the January 2016 class. Please contact the Shelby County Health Department Tobacco Quit Line at (901) 222-9274 for information about cessation services available in Shelby County.

“Dear Mr. Marlboro”

     You have been a part of my life for 40 years but today things change. I must consider my health and the health of those I love. You were there in the good times and the bad always demanding my attention.

I am choosing today to be rid of you. The smells, bad breathe, and the need to step outside at family functions and the sending my dollars up in smoke ENDS today.

“Dear Cigarettes”

     I have enjoyed knowing you but you and I know that our relationship should end. I will miss you for a while. I have to keep reminding myself that this is the best thing for me.

There’s the door!

“Dear Marlboro Light Shorts”

I have decided that without you I will not miss:

Clothes, car and home smell

Worrying about my health

Short on $$

Being Avoided by non-smokers

Being fussed at by my family and friends

Cleaning ashtrays

Time spent on waiting in line to buy you

Time spent going back in the house when I left in a hurry and forgot to pick you up

Worrying if I am out of you

Having a habit like you


I have laughed with you

I have cried with you

You have always been my “go to”

I didn’t think I would

I didn’t think I could

But now I know that I should

Not die because of you

I will start my journey,

Take deep breaths of air

I will heal my body

Save my money

And no longer hover in far corners.

I will not mourn this loss.

For today I will toss

All thoughts of you from my mind.

Farewell and so long

Because today,

I will begin to right

30 (give or take)

Years of wrong



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