National Public Health Week

Click here to view Shelby County’s NPHW video

All of us at the  Shelby County Health Department believe that we can make a difference as we strive to become the healthiest and safest community in Tennessee. Our mission is to promote, protect, and improve the health and environment of all Shelby County residents. Shelby County Health Department is committed to all areas of public health. We offer a plethora of tobacco prevention/ cessation services.

Youth Prevention – 901-222-9008

  •  Why Animals Don’t Smoke
  • #weDONTpuff
  • TATU – Teen Against Tobacco Use
  • T4 – Tennessee Teens Talk Tobacco

Adult Awareness/ Cessation 901-222-9274

  • TN Tobacco Quit  line 1(800) QUIT- NOW
  • Freedom from Smoking
  • Smoke Free Housing Assistance
  • Pathways

Maternal Cessation/ Prevention 901-222-9268

  • Baby & Me Tobacco Free



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