More evidence: flavors aren’t necessary to encourage adults to use e-cigs to quit smoking

A recent study assessed the types of e-cigarette flavors used by adolescent (aged 12-17), young adult (aged 18-24), and older adult (aged ≥25) e-cigarette users. The study found that “the leading e-cigarette flavor types among adolescents were fruit, candy, and other flavors; among young adults were fruit, candy, and mint/menthol; and among older adults were tobacco or other flavors, fruit, and mint/menthol”. In addition,  “compared with older adults, adolescents and young adults were more likely to use fruit-flavored e-cigarettes and concurrently use multiple flavor types”. This research shows that the fruit and candy flavors on the market are primarily being used by those underage and not adults trying to quit.

Stanton A. Glanz, the director for Center for Tobacco Research Control & Education, urges that “the FDA should use its authority to remove all these flavored e-cigarettes and tobacco products from the market now until the companies making them can make a successful case that allowing them would be good for the public health”.

If you or a loved one need help quitting tobacco use, call the Tennessee Tobacco QuitLine at 1-800-QUIT-NOW.

Glanz, S. (2019). More evidence that e-cig flavors hurt kids with no “benefit” to adults. Retrieved from“benefit”-adults

Soneji, S. S., Knutzen, K. E., & Villanti, A. C. (2019). Use of Flavored E-Cigarettes Among Adolescents, Young Adults, and Older Adults: Findings From the Population Assessment for Tobacco and Health Study. Public Health Reports.

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