Globalization of Tobacco and its Consequences

We hear a lot about how smoking can impact others with respect to second hand smoke, but we do not often discuss the impact of a single individual’s smoking at a global level. The concept of globalization has many different definitions and interpretations, but is “probably best understood as a complex set of processes, drivers,… Continue reading Globalization of Tobacco and its Consequences

How to Fight Cravings for a Tobacco-Free Thanksgiving

For those that are trying to quit or remain tobacco-free, the holidays can be particularly stressful and triggering. Here’s a list of alternative activities to consider when you feel the urge to use tobacco products: Drink water Chew gum or hard candy Apply lip balm Deep breathing exercises Progressive muscle relaxation (audio) Keep your hands busy… Continue reading How to Fight Cravings for a Tobacco-Free Thanksgiving

E-cigarettes: Trick or Treat?

Youth cite flavors as one of the most common reasons for using e-cigarettes (1) and tobacco companies have known this for decades. As a result of the Master Settlement Agreement (MSA) in 1998, internal document research from major U.S tobacco manufacturers became public. The concept of flavored tobacco, particularly cigarettes, has been visited and revisited by these companies for many years.… Continue reading E-cigarettes: Trick or Treat?

The Anatomy of a Cigarillo

Cigarillos are longer, slimmer versions of traditional large cigars. They often come in fruity flavors like grape, tropical, or cherry (1). Between 2000 and 2011, cigar consumption more than doubled in contrast to a 33% decrease in cigarette consumption (2). This is particularly concerning because cigar smoking carries many of the same risks as cigarette… Continue reading The Anatomy of a Cigarillo

Break up with Tobacco? Share Your Story with us!

Hey, Shelby County! Has your life been affected by cigarette smoking? Are you a former smoker? Did you quit for personal health reasons? How long did you smoke? Do you currently use tobacco products? Do you know someone who died after years of smoking or using tobacco in other forms? We are always looking for… Continue reading Break up with Tobacco? Share Your Story with us!