Smoking & Breastfeeding

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Smoking while breastfeeding is not without risk. Nicotine is harmful for a baby whose body is still developing quickly.  There are ways to avoid exposing your baby to nicotine by smoking after breastfeeding instead of before, and not smoking at least 2 hours before feeding.

Experts and doctors would rather have a smoking mother who breastfeeds than a smoking mother who gives formula milk. Medical experts state the nutrients in breast milk can more than compensate for the ill effects of smoking, as compared to a smoking mother that gives formula.


Let’s quit to make baby’s first food healthier.

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21 to buy tobacco?


This past Tuesday, city supervisors in San Francisco voted unanimously to join the likes of New York City, Boston, and Hawaii and raise the legal age to buy tobacco products to 21. This new ordinance will go into effect on June 1st.


Recent research from the Institute of Medicine (found here) has shown that 90% of daily smokers tried their first cigarette before age 19. The public health implications of raising the legal age to buy tobacco products could potentially be staggering. The Institute of Medicine believes that even without changes in tobacco industry marketing, in societal views of tobacco use, or in understanding of patterns and reasons for tobacco use initiation, raising the minimum legal age for tobacco purchase could significantly reduce the start of tobacco use, particularly among young adults, improve public health, and potentially save many lives.

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