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Has your life been affected by cigarette smoking? Are you a former smoker? Did you quit for personal health reasons? How long did you smoke? Are you a current smoker? Do you know someone who died after years of smoking? We are always looking for new stories for our Tobacco Cessation and Prevention Blog. You NEVER know when your story could help someone else and encourage them to stop smoking. Send us your contact information below so we can tell YOUR story.

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The Tennessee Tobacco Quit Line is an excellent resource. Call 1-800-QUIT-NOW!

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It’s HARD to quit tobacco!!!


Research shows that smokers are most successful in kicking the habit when they have support, such as:

 Telephone smoking-cessation hotlines
 Stop-smoking groups
 Online quit groups
 Counseling
 Nicotine replacement products
 Prescription medicine to lessen cravings
 Guide books
 Encouragement and support from friends and family members
Using 2 or more of these measures to quit smoking works better than using any one of them alone. For example, some people use a prescription medicine along with nicotine replacement. Other people may use as many as 3 or 4 of the methods listed above.
Telephone stop-smoking hotlines are an easy-to-use resource, and they are available in all 50 states.

Call 1-800-QUIT-NOW (1-800-784-8669) or 901-222-9274 to get more information on quitting tobacco.


what is your story question

Call 1-800-QUIT-NOW (1-800-784-8669) or 901-222-9274 to get more information on quitting tobacco.

#1 Cause of Stroke


Smoking is the number one cause of stroke. Smoking can:

  • Make blood thicker and more likely to clot
  • Increase the buildup of plaque (fat, cholesterol, calcium, and other substances) in blood vessels leading to the brain
  • Lead to pain in the hands and feet; it may be severe
  • Damage blood vessels in the brain

Source: CDC


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Gold Sneaker!!!


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Are you a Shelby County childcare provider?

Do you know a Shelby County childcare provider?

Are you Gold Sneaker certified???

Why Not?

 Shelby County Health Department will host Gold Sneaker training on Saturday, September 26, 2015. This event will serve to increase the number of Gold Sneaker certified childcare facilities within Shelby County.

The Gold Sneaker Initiative was developed to enhance the policy related to health and wellness within licensed child care facilities across Tennessee. To become a Gold Sneaker designated facility first you must complete the 2 hour Gold Sneaker training. You will receive a certificate upon completing the training and a copy must be submitted with your application.

Gold Sneaker training counts as two hours of continuing education with DHS.  Upon completion of the training and application, you will receive your $200 incentive package from Kaplan Early Learning Company for becoming a Gold Sneaker facility! You will also receive a certificate signed by Governor Haslam recognizing your achievement, decals for your facility doors, and access to the electronic Gold Sneaker logo for your use.

If you are interested, do not hesitate to contact Tobacco Risk Coordinator, Marcha Bradley at 901-222-9273 or . We are excited and look forward to your participation!

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Let’s Quit Together!!!


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Let’s quit together! Quitting smoking is a process that sometimes takes many attempts before succeeding. The important thing is to learn from each quit attempt until one can quit for good. One should know tobacco dependence is a chronic condition, and research literature suggests that the average person who uses tobacco products makes five to seven quit attempts before becoming completely abstinent. The journey to becoming a non-smoker doesn’t have to be a lonely one for Shelby county residents.

 The use of tobacco products can cause diseases such as cancer, heart disease, chronic respiratory diseases, and premature births. Smoking causes more than 440,000 deaths each year. According to the American Lung Association, 90% of male lung cancer patients develop their disease because of smoking, and female smokers are 13 times more likely to develop lung cancer than those who have never smoked. Tennessee reports the fourth highest incidence rate of lung cancer. To reduce these astonishing statistics, Shelby County Health Department’s Tobacco Prevention Program offers free cessation classes via the Freedom from Smoking program to Shelby county residents who are looking to become tobacco free.

 Freedom from Smoking is an evidence-based smoking cessation program offering a systematic approach to quitting smoking that focuses on behavior change. Instead of concentrating on the negative effects of smoking, Freedom from Smoking highlights the positive effects of quitting smoking, including improved health and lifestyle. Participants in Freedom from Smoking attend eight community-based sessions within seven weeks. All class materials are provided in the first class with no charge to the participant.

 Participants who have completed Freedom from Smoking have called the program helpful, and some even have stated they could not have found the will power to quit without the program and group sessions. Facilitators help participants understand that smoking is a learned behavior, and the first step to breaking the habit is to prepare for a lifestyle change.

 Making the decision to quit tobacco use is not easy, but it does not have to be done alone. Join the Freedom from Smoking program with Shelby County Health Department and let’s quit together. If interested or know someone who could benefit from the Freedom from Smoking program please contact Courtney Tipper at 901-222-9274 or e-mail her at



Let’s BReATHe

The Shelby County Health Department will sponsor the community-wide Let’s BReATHe (Be Recognized As Tobacco Healthy)Back to School Health Fair on Saturday, June 20, 2015 from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. at Tiger Lane450 Early Maxwell Blvd Memphis, TN 38104. This event will serve to increase health awareness through education and prevention.

The Shelby County Health Department believes the Let’s BReATHe Back to School Health Fair will provide a valuable service to our community. We would like to provide basic well-child screeningsimmunizations, as well as blood pressure and glucose checks. A variety of informational booths will be available to help the community become more aware of the many health/safety-related programs, services and providers located in our surrounding community.

 The Let’s BReATHe Back to School Health Fair will be open to all ages – both adults and children, and we anticipate a large attendance. All vendors will provide some form of information/educational materials, demonstrations, services, and/ or promotional items for the event.

Other sources of support have come from confirmations of participation from the City of Memphis Parks & Recreation, Amerigroup, United Healthcare, Blue Cross Blue Shield, American Lung Association, Porter Leath, Memphis Police Department,Memphis Fire Department, University of Memphis’ Fit Kids, Well Child, Inc., LeBonheur Healthy Lifestyle Clinic, DentaQuest, Dr.Davida Holloman (Pediatric Dentist), Dr. Carolyn Whitney (Sports Physicals), MLGW OutreachNational Business College, Southern College of Optometry, and Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity.  Tobacco Use Prevention, Tobacco Settlement, Chronic Disease, Health Risk and TENNderCare programs are spearheading the event, but we also have participation from several sections in the Shelby County Health Department, such as Immunizations, Infectious Disease, and Lead Program.

Come join the FUN!!!