HUD “Smoke-Free Rule” for public housing to go into effect

Effective July 31, 2018, those who smoke prohibited tobacco items must do so at least 25 feet away from public housing and administrative office buildings.


Prayers Answered!!!

Mary’s Story This is my story about when I started smoking and when I quit smoking. I was in labor with my daughter and my husband smoked at that time. I would lite his cigarettes for him sometimes. I noticed when I was in labor when I inhaled the smoke and released it my pain… Continue reading Prayers Answered!!!

TN Quit Line

  Has your life been affected by cigarette smoking? Are you a former smoker? Did you quit for personal health reasons? How long did you smoke? Are you a current smoker? Do you know someone who died after years of smoking? We are always looking for new stories for our Tobacco Cessation and Prevention Blog. You… Continue reading TN Quit Line

Support Smoke Free Housing

Making public housing #SmokeFree would yield an annual cost savings of $153 million, and of course improve the health of children and seniors. Learn more about smoke-free public housing →